Urban inequalities vs. Urban inclusion: migration, identity and public space


On 19-21 June 2019 Oxfam in Russia in partnership with the Institute for Social Policy of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) and KB Strelka held a conference entitled “Urban inequalities vs. Urban inclusion: migration, identity and public space”. The conference consisted of two parts – academic and public. The academic part was held at the HSE, and featured 3 days of academic debates on the topics regarding urban inequalities. The key speakers of the academic conference – Setha M. Low - the Professor of Urban Anthropology at CUNY and Dace Dzenovska – the Professor of Anthropology of Migration of Oxford University, were also headliners of the public part of the conference, which was held at Strelka on 19-20 June.

Setha M. Low, also referred to as a living legend of urban anthropology, gave a public talk entitled “Why public space matters: threats and opportunities”. Her lecture convened almost 1000 participants. The screening of the Brazilian film “Areia Loteada” by Pedro Rocha – about civic resistance to demolishing of the favelas in Brazil, followed the lecture.

Dace Dzenovska – Latvian-born Professor at the Oxford University, gave a public talk titled “Life beyond the global city”, where she addressed the ambiguity of life in small towns in Latvia and the UK, which signified the receiving and origin ends of migration. Her lecture convened almost 1000 participants. The lecture was followed by a screening of a Russian short documentary film “The tent”, which was presented by the film director Dmitry Fetisov. 

Both lectures were streamed online – with over 10 000 people watching the streaming, and recorded. Here are the recordings of the Professor Low’s and Professor Dzenovska’s lectures at Strelka.

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