Oxfam and “Kids are kids” held the fourth seminar on integration and adaptation of migrant children


On the 29-30th October 2018, 78 representatives of NGOs, public and private schools, municipal and regional educational authorities and socially-oriented businesses convened in Moscow to share their experience in education and integration of migrant children. The meeting was part of a series of seminars, which are initiated by the Centre for Integration and Adaptation of migrant children “Kids are kids” and with financial and organisational support from Oxfam in Russia. This is the fourth seminar, and it culminated the joint project entitled “No borders integration”, conducted jointly by Mediaost Events und Kommunikation and Destination Est, with the financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

At the seminar, the participants of two exchange visits to France and Germany organised this summer within “No border integration” project, presented 10 ideas on how to improve integration and adaptation of migrant children. Participants evaluated the project ideas and selected the project of “SlovaRus” Workshop, undertaken at the Teachers House of Ekaterinburg city as the most relevant. The project aims at raising professional skills of school teachers and developing of methodologies for social, cultural and language adaptation of migrant children at the municipal level. In order to foster collaboration between colleagues from all over Russia working on integration and adaptation of migrant children, the authors of the idea proposed to create an online-platform allowing distance learning opportunities for school teachers, working with migrant children.

The participants from France and Germany also presented their experience of working with non-native speaking children. Valerie Gurle, Head of projects at CASNAV – an academic centre for education of newly-arriving children, based in Creteil, France, and Valentina Brenner, the head of the teaching campus of WBS Training, Schwerin, Germany, shared their methodology and strategies of collaboration with the municipal educational institutions.

The venue for the seminar had been kindly provided by Deloitte.

Photo: Tatiana Intigrinova

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