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According to the population census conducted by VTsIOM, Russia is turning into one big city – the level of urbanization is continuously rising. To date, it has reached 74%, compared to “rural Russia’s” 26%. Soon, the Russian country-side will completely disappear and with it, the smell of real bread. However, according to research by World Bank, by the end of 2011, 14.6% of the Russian population was living below the poverty line. Don’t you think this is absurd? Have you ever wondered why agriculture, that COULD feed each of the 143.5 million people living in Russia, “can’t cope”? What limits (political, economic) stand in the way of Russian farmers, and how can the situation be changed? Does it matter to you, that the food you consume loses nutrients with every thousand kilometres, before it makes it to your fridge? Let’s find solutions. Let’s write a story for 9 billion people, in which each person has enough food.

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