15 aid agencies warn of humanitarian crisis in North-East Syria Civilians in north-east Syria are at risk and humanitarian aid could be cut off following the launch of a new military operation in the area, leading aid agencies are warning.


Poor children 7  times  less  likely  to  finish  school  then  rich children: new Oxfam report Across the developing world, a child from a poor family is seven times less likely to finish secondary school than a child from  a  rich  family, according  to a  new  report  published  by Oxfam. Oxfam’s research reveals a shocking divide in education opportunities for children depending on their family’s income and wealth —even in rich countries, only three quarters of children from poor families complete secondary education, compared to 90 percent of children from the richest families.


Urban inequalities vs. Urban inclusion: migration, identity and public space On 19-21 June 2019 Oxfam in Russia in partnership with the Institute for Social Policy of the Higher School of Economics (HSE) and KB Strelka held a conference entitled “Urban inequalities vs. Urban inclusion: migration, identity and public space”. You can read more about the conference, view the recordings of the lectures and see photos from public events in this post. 


Feminist leadership in action Tamsin Smith interviews Damaris Ruiz, Yohanka Valdes, and Maritza Gallardo Lopez, from Oxfam’s Latin America & Caribbean (LAC) Regional Women’s Rights and Gender Justice group. They share five ways they are bringing feminist learning into the centre of our organization.

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