"Millionaires for humanity" appeal to the leaders of the world Over 80 millionaires around the world call for higher taxes on the richest to help COVID-19 global recovery


UN SC extends cross-border resolution on Syria Oxfam's Country Director in Syria Moutaz Adham commented on to the news that the UN Security Council’s resolution allowing cross-border aid into Syria was renewed but modified, allowing for one cross-border response, and excluding the crucial Al-Yaroubiyeh crossing. Read the full comment in the article.


Syria crisis: Hunger spreading amid Covid and economic collapse International agencies call for Brussels Conference to address fall-out from the pandemic


Health spending in poor countries must double immediately to prevent millions of deaths - Oxfam Oxfam today called for a package of nearly $160 billion in immediate debt cancellation and aid to fund a Global Public Health Plan and Emergency Response, to help prevent millions of deaths as a result of the Coronavirus. The five-point plan would enable poor countries to take action to prevent the spread of the disease and build the capacity of health systems to care for those affected.

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