Stories of those who left Aleppo - Mariam

Mariam, 55, left Al-Sfeirah area with her family four years ago with only a small bag containing some clothes and food after their house was damaged by a bomb.
‘’Our family of 12 lives now in a warehouse with ten other families. The only income we have is from my husband’s work as a mechanic and it barely covers our basic needs for the first week of the month. The rest of the time, we rely on aid provided by charities,’’ Mariam said.  
As there is no safe source of drinking water near the warehouse, Mariam sets off on a daily journey to the nearest public well, dragging a cart she found near the warehouse.
‘’Every morning, I used to get up and my first thought was the distance I have to cross to fetch water. I used to feel tired, even before I start off. It took me two to three hours to reach the well and back. I’m often in pain from dragging heavy loads every single day,’’ she added. 
Aleppo residents, who face water cuts, often have to walk far to fetch safe drinking water, a task that is mainly carried by women and children. Oxfam with other humanitarian partners are working to provided people with access to clean water, by rehabilitating a number of wells.  Mariam is now able to fetch water from the newly-rehabilitated well which is about 15 minutes away from home. 

Photo: Oxfam/SARC 

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