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Oxfam in the Russian Federation and Higher School of Economics Institute for Social Policy hosted a meeting of "Migration studies" regular seminar on 18 May 2017. Dawn Chatty, the Emeritus Professor at Oxford University made a presentation titled "Syria and its refugees: a historical perspective"

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On 16-17 February, 2017 civil society representatives from G20 countries came to Berlin to shape recommendations for G20.

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Six years since the demonstrations that triggered the descent into a brutal civil war, millions of Syrians are bearing the brunt of increasingly restrictive policies around the world and inside Syria to stop them reaching safety, Oxfam warned today.

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On 16-17 March Berlin hosted more than 100 civil society representatives from over 10 countries who came together to shape recommendations for the G20. Rebecca Perkins who is Oxfam's independent consultant on gender justice, took part in the meeting of the C20 working group. We'd like to share her accounts from the meeting with you.

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Josephine Liebl, Oxfam’s global policy lead on displacement, looks ahead to the UN Summit in New York in JosephineLiebl
September – and looks back on a heady few weeks negotiating its outcome.

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(Moscow, Russia) As part of its contribution to the localization of aid agenda, Oxfam and the Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO-University) with the assistance of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) convened a conference yesterday to support greater cooperation between Russian civil society and the government.

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Famine in East Africa 2011 — the humanitarian catastrophe that according to international organizations threatens about 11.5 million people, primarily in Somalia (3.7 million), Ethiopia (4.8 million), Kenya (2.9 million) and Djibouti (164 thousand). The food crisis has also affected Eritrea and other East African States, which, however, no accurate statistics.

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Famine swept the USSR in 1932-1933, took the lives of millions of our countrymen. On the causes of the tragedy and documents provides a new look at this period of our history, told the director of the Federal State Institution Russian State Archive of Economy Elena Turina.

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Oxfam in Russia became an official partner of Moscow International Salon of Education (MSE), which will take place on 18-21 April 2018 in Moscow under authority of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. On 19 April 2018 under MSE Oxfam will organize a round table entitled “Social and cultural adaptation of migrant children: from governmental strategies to effective management cases and successful regional educational practices”. 

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Moutaz Adham, Country Director, Oxfam in Syria said:

“While chemical attacks should be effectively deterred, choosing to use military force to do so risks escalating the crisis, putting civilians, who have already suffered so much, at even greater risk. 

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The primary focus of the seminar held on March 26 and 27 in Moscow has been on methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Organized by the “Kids are kids” Integration Centre for Refugee and Migrant Children and Oxfam in Russia, the seminar served as a platform for 49 professionals and volunteers to discuss relevant theoretical and practical issues of migrant children educational programmes. 

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Seven long years after the Syria crisis began, the situation remains bleak. Individual children, women and men continue to bear the brunt of a conflict marked by enormous human suffering, relentless destruction and a blatant disregard for human rights.

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From my desk in Damascus, I can hear the rumbling explosions day and night to the east of the capital. Black smoke billows into the skies over Eastern Ghouta. In Damascus itself, we can hear incoming mortar fire and wonder anxiously where the shells have landed. For people living and working here in Damascus, this is all part of our daily routine.

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An independent commission will be set up with immediate power to carry out a wide-ranging review of Oxfams practices and culture, including its handling of past cases of sexual misconduct. It comes as Oxfam announces a comprehensive plan of action to strengthen safeguarding systems across the organisation, and stamp out abuse.  

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In 2011, several Oxfam staff were accused of sexual exploitation and abuse in Haiti during the earthquake response. We have now heard of further allegations about the use of sex workers by Oxfam staff in Chad in 2006. We are shocked and dismayed about these latest revelations. While we can’t corroborate the information from Chad at the moment, it highlights again unacceptable behavior by a small number of people and the need for a sector-wide approach to tackle the problem. 

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On 28 and 29 November 2017 international forum "Migration bridges in Eurasia" is taking place in Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University) with the support from Oxfam in the Russian Federation, Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Bureau of the International Organization for Migration in Moscow, United Nations Population Fund in Belarus and The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund. The 9th "Migration Bridges" focuses on models of effective migration management in the context of the development of the Eurasian integration project. Academics from 26 countries, representatives of non-for-profit organizations and governmental institutions such as Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East, Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs and Commission on Migration at the Presidential Council on ethnic affairs took part in the forum. 

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Oxfam is looking for an intern interested in migration research. Please find job description in attachment. Good knowledge of English and Russian languages is important. 

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On the 28 and 29th of October 2017 Oxfam in the Russian Federation and “Kids are kids” Integration centre jointly held the 2nd seminar on integration and education of migrant and refugee children.

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On the 26-27th of October 2017 the conference “Migration: new trends and directions” took place in the Higher School of Economics. The conference was co-organized by the Higher School of Economics, Oxfam in the Russian Federation and Centre for Franco-Russian Research in Moscow (CEFR). Among 240 participants of the conference there were migration specialists from academia, Russian and international civil society organizations, international organizations and governmental institutions. More than 40 research reports, based on empirical studies and covering a wide range of issues pertaining migration and migration policy were presented within the 2 days of the conference. The conference became a multi-disciplinary platform for discussions on methodology of migration research, studies of transnationalism, issues of integration and adaptation of migrants as well as economic, social and cultural aspects of migration.

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On 26-27th of October 2017 Oxfam together with the Institute for Social Policy of the Higher School of Economics and Centre d'Г©tudes franco-russ will hold an international conference titled "New Trends and Directions in Migration". Within the conference there will be a round table on "Children of Migrants: Problems of Adaptation and Integration" for experts and representatives of civil society will discuss the problems of migrant children's access to education and questions pertaining their adaptation in schools.  

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