“More lifesaving aid needed urgently as a third big quake hits Lombok” – Oxfam

 A third earthquake of 6-Richter magnitude which struck Lombok earlier today has severely escalated the need for life-saving aid and has slowed down rescue efforts. 


Oxfam Provides Drinking Water and Shelter to Thousands as 600,000 are Hit by Indonesia Earthquake Oxfam is providing clean drinking water and tarpaulin shelter sheets to 5,000 survivors as a devastating 7-Richter magnitude earthquake, the second within a week, hit Lombok Island in Indonesia earlier today.


Oxfam's response to today's horrific bombing of the fish market and hospital in the city of Hudaydah Oxfam condemned today’s attacks and called on all parties to the conflict to respect international law and protect civilians from harm. 


  • Independent Commission appointed and Safeguarding review on track
  • Initial training for 119 staff to become new safeguarding investigators 
  • More than €2m investment in safeguarding across Oxfam globally
  • Staff reference systems introduced with enhanced pre-employment checks
  • Whistle-blowing reporting lines in five languages

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