Is there future of the collaboration between civil society and New BRICS Development Bank?

Since the creation of the NDB, civil society has been working to establish collaboration with the Bank. Civil society experts recommended the Bank to adopt Gender policy to ensure that all of the Bank's operations and documents are gender-sensitive. Oxfam's gender expert Rebecca Perkins took part in an Annual meeting of the Bank's Board of Governors, which took place in Shanghai on 28-29 May, 2018. Why policies don't always correspond with the practice, please read below


Oxfam at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum on cooperation between business and the third sector: "Better adherence to labour rights and sustainability are the strongest roots for long-lasting growth and stability"

For the second year in a row Oxfam is invited to share its experience at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. On the 25th of May 2018 Oxfam representative Elsa Vidal shared the organisation’s best practices of engagement with private and public sectors on the issue of sustainable development at the roundtable titled “The role of business in global development: when charity pays off”.


Oxfam fears worsening humanitarian needs in Gaza  Oxfam today warned that prolonged closure of crossings into Gaza could cut Palestinians from essential goods such as fuel and food and threatens to further deteriorate what is already a dire humanitarian situation. 


Эксперт Всемирной гуманитарной команды Оксфам провел семинар для студентов МГИМО
26 апреля 2018 года Тим Форстер - технический советник по водоснабжению, санитарии и гигиене (WASH) Всемирной гуманитарной команды Оксфам, провел семинар в рамках курса «Содействие международному развитию» магистерской программы МГИМО «Социально-гуманитарное сотрудничество и внешние связи регионов».   

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